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My name is Manuel Longo and I was born in May 1962 from an Italian mother and a Maltese father and I have a Picture of me and my family brother called Robert. In December 1982 I met Odette and three days later I began working in a factory where I stayed until I fell ill. I married Odette in October 1987 and we have two children called Mike (born May 1989) and Jake (born December 1990).

Hobbies'.........probably I had too many - my well-equipped workshop, remote control models, electronics, photography, computers (programming and using), motorcycles, cars...........the list is endless. I was very active and worked part-time with an ex-friend in a partnership we called M&M Installations and we did just about everything. We did mainly electrical and plumbing jobs and we sub-contracted anything else - over
time we got to know people for just about any job.

Then on the 21st September 2000 I had the stroke while I was in Italy on behalf of the factory where I worked, which complicated matters considerably to bring me back to Malta. I spent a week in Intensive Therapy in Italy (4 days of which was in coma) and about 30 days in Intensive Therapy in Malta. After that I was in hospital for about 16 Months and after that I was moved to Saint Vincent de Paule Residence (SVPR) which is really an old people's home but there is no place in Malta for chronically disabled young people (the average age here is 80!).

As you might imagine, I was a very active person and usually whenever I needed something (if possible) I tended not to ask for help.........now I cannot do anything myself. I rely totally on others for everything and whatever I need is a problem to explain since I cannot talk. I try and keep my requests as simple as possible and most of my carers understand what I want simply by looking at me.

Eventually (many months after my injury)I began to move my head and now whatever I do is based on this head movement and is explained in the various pages of this website.
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