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IRCommand & UIRT Review


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IRCommand2 & USB-UIRT

Although completely separate, these two items go together - well, IRCommand can work with many (selectable) IR modules. IRCommand is a fully configurable program that can be set up as most remote controls. It is very easy to program it as it can "learn" from your remote control, which makes setup a breeze. My setup is pictured in the image. The software is made by WDPS and is very well priced.

USB-UIRT is the hardware side of the setup and plugs into a spare USB socket. The unit transmits but also receives (essential for learn mode) IR (Infra-Red) signals. That's about it - don't get me wrong, there isn't much to say because you plug it in a USB socket and install the drivers....and it works....no settings, no setup.....it just works out of the box.

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