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Enterprise E5000 Bed Review


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Enterprise E5000 Bed

In winter 2010, my bed was changed. I had a 2 section, manually adjustable bed wheras the new one is an Enterprise 5000 - 4 section and fully electrically adjustable. It also has a backup battery in case of power failure.

The bed is divided into 4 sections - buttocks, upper legs, lower legs and torso. The last 3 sections can go up or down at the touch of a button with the pendant control. The whole bed can be raised and lowered....always from the pendant control.

This bed was very welcome by the carers and staff here as adjusting the bed no longer requires brute force but just pressing buttons on the pendant control.

As regards comfort, a good materass on the floor is comfortable but it can only be flat.....and this is where the adjustable bed comes in. For example, for me to sit in bed, the torso section of the bed is simply raised at the touch of a button.

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