Locked-in Syndrome

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This section shall be reserved for reviews mainly written by myself but should you wish to submit a review about something please feel free to do so : forward it to me via email and I will put it on the site. Due to the (hopefully) frequent variations of this page it will NOT be available in other languages.

The purpose of this page is twofold : to give an unbiased opinion. I stress it will be my personal opinion or the opinion of whoever writes the review, that will be worth reading before purchasing since we all know how costly Assistive Technology can be and secondly to show what is available on the market - many people are totally unaware of what is available to them. Some folk just dismiss what could be very helpful to them simply because they say "nah, that is too complicated for me". True, some things have a rather steep learning curve but that should not discourage you.......with patience and determination anything can be mastered and naturally I am here to help if I can.
You can read any of the reviews simply by clicking on the image on the right or the title on the left for a specific item.

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