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Typing Assistant

Many years ago I started trying word prediction software. Back then (way back - 2004) it was beginning to be used on mobile phones but quite a novelty on PC's. It consisted of an onscreen keyboard (just like Click N' Type - but much cruder). In use one typed using the onscreen keyboard and the suggestions appeard in a corner of the keyboard. As you can imagine, it wasn't particularly pleasant to use and I stopped using it when I got LUCY .

Over the years the software evolved but after my
previous experiences I wasn't really keen on trying it again. Recently I was invited to a seminar of the Speech Therapists and Pathologists and the issue of word prediction resurfaced. I decided to have a look (on internet) to see what's available. It was obvious that Word Prediction software had come a very long way and it was worth looking into. First of all, the software would read what was typed from the keyboard buffer which means that it would catch characters however you typed and (more important) from wherever one typed - no more onscreen keyboard but just type away.

Word Prediction software comes in all shapes and prices and my searches returned all sorts of options. I settled for Typing Assistant - it was what I wanted and very reasonably priced. You begin to type normally and when an (adjustable) minimum threshold of characters is reached, a window of possible words (number is adjustable) pops up. The suggestion is selected by it's number or with mouse.

Apart from word prediction, Typing Assistant does much more as this
video shows but I cannot explain each function - just visit their website and all the functions are carefully explained. The software has a long 45-day evaluation period which gives ample time to decide if it's for you.

Overall I am very satisfied and when I contacted the manufacturer, I was promptly answered (even though most times it was "user error"). I can thoroughly recommend this software to anybody (not just disabled users).

Recently I began using Windows 8.1 and had no compatibility issues.

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